Start to sing again

There are astrological constellations these days, which indicate, that we all should become more alive again. And that is true, logical and ecological! Because there are also astrological constellations, which say that our religious, political, scientific and financial establishments are in a very rotten state. As if these establishments consist mainly of zombie like people. And these people endanger the whole biosphere!


Our planetary situation is difficult indeed. And if we do not stay awake, we might fall into a paralyzing state of feeling helpless and powerless. The key to solve this problem is; that we become alive again and trust live and nature deeply. Then we will be in the same frequency with all that lives, with the biosphere of our planet and the right individual answers will appear to each and everyone spontaneously and in a very natural way. Life itself will start to raise its own voice in each one of us again as our own voice. And billions of different individual answers will come quite naturally.

Trust yourself. You are part of life.

I love to sing and love to listen to the birds. One day the birds sang unbelievably beautiful during twilight. And I wanted to join into their songs; I wanted to sing together with them in harmony. So I listened very carefully first – and I could hear about 30 different birds singing. And then I tried to sing in harmony with them. And I failed. I tried again and failed again, tried again, failed again, tried again and failed again and so on. Finally I stopped trying to sing in harmony with the birds, which had kept on singing unbelievably beautiful during all my failures. Instead of this I started to sing just the way I felt at that very moment. And at that very moment my song came into perfect harmony with the songs of all the birds around me!

With love


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