Freiburg for All, All for Freiburg – Solidarity with Freiburg 5G-free!

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Dear friends,

the residents‘ meeting on 13.11.2019 in Freiburg in Germany on the subject of 5G, which was started by Aktionsbündnis Freiburg 5G-frei, set completely new standards in communication between the population and local politics in Freiburg. At last, people have once again got together and thought about things together.

We have done thousands of hours of voluntary work to make this possible. And we have always thought that this will set an example that will hopefully set a precedent far beyond Freiburg!

The residents‘ meeting was a wonderful and encouraging event!

Because neoliberalism has not only created a constantly increasing division and separation between the rich and the poor in the last decades, but also a deep alienation between population and politics. And exactly this alienation was overcome in Freiburg!

Our young Lord Mayor Martin Horn has expressly spoken out in favour of citizen participation and the city has organised the whole event very well and dignifiedly, demonstrating that it is very much prepared to talk to its citizens.

This event should have lasting consequences and ultimately set a precedent everywhere! To support this, I would like to ask you for your help: At the moment it is about the city implementing the impulse of the 5G-critical citizens also concretely in its digitalization strategy. Please show solidarity with Aktionsbündnis Freiburg 5G-free and write to our local councils. A list with the email addresses of all local councils can be found below and the Facebook and email addresses of our Lord Mayor will also be sent to you.

I would like to ask you to communicate in a friendly, polite and encouraging way!

Because a mayor once told me that local politicians are under pressure from the federal government, the state government and the mobile phone industry. The „up there“ are putting pressure and the „down there“, in this case the local politicians should push through all the crap, whether they like it or not!

The local politicians are therefore not our opponents, but potential allies and we should strengthen their backs. This should be heeded at all costs. After all, 5G was not invented by our local politicians. It is of central importance that the alienation between the population and politics is abolished if we want to have a good life, and at the moment it would be a good idea to start by ensuring this at regional level.

So write freely and as you like, but please be friendly, polite and encouraging, perhaps in something like the following sample letter:

Dear Lord Mayor Martin Horn,
dear city council members of Freiburg,

I watched with great interest the current public events concerning 5G in Freiburg. Hats off! The city of Freiburg and its citizens showed during the residents‘ meeting on 13.11.2019 that you can talk to each other – even about such an explosive topic as 5G. Together you have all lived up to the reputation of the city of Freiburg as the „Green Capital of Europe“. That was really exemplary!

I would like to expressly encourage you all – keep up the good work!

With warmest regards





Thank you very much for your help!



And here are the email addresses of our Lord Mayor and our City Councillors

– just mark them all, copy them and paste them into your email:


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