Astrological information on the Corona crisis

Some friends asked me how I am doing and how I assess the Corona crisis as an astrologer, here is my answer: I’m fine, thank you. I hope you’re fine too. Well, my assessment is that this whole thing is quite complex and far beyond my abilities. Because I am not a doctor and my astrological knowledge of medical issues is also quite limited.

But one thing that stands out is that this crisis is forcing us into some kind of meditation retreat – isn’t it? As if this crisis wanted to say to humanity: „Here you are, dear humanity, now it is time to meditate, to stay at home, to go into yourself and to think much more thoroughly about what is essential!

The Corona crisis is a kind of meditation retreat for humanity.

And this is also visible in the constellation Mercury/Saturn in the horoscope of December 12, 2019 – the astrologer Birgit Braun wrote: On December 12, the first case of a new type of lung disease will be registered in Wuhan.

By the way, Mercury-Saturn can also be found in other horoscopes that seem to be relevant for the development of this crisis. According to astrologer Wolfgang Döbereiner, this constellation means that a certain degree of isolation is needed to ensure that the next step in one’s own development can take place in an isolated situation protected from disturbances, like a caterpillar that has to pupate before it can become a butterfly. And the protective measures against the corona virus now force a certain degree of isolation in many places.

According to my own research, the constellation Mercury/Saturn is about „dreaming“ what you actually want. Not in a selfish sense, but in a creative sense. It is about finding out, through imagination, daydreaming and creative ingenuity, what and how we can bring something really meaningful into this world through love and beauty. And I think this is exactly what characterizes our situation as human beings on planet earth.

Our form of civilization is destroying the planet’s biosphere; one doomsday vision hunts the next. We think too much about ridiculous things that are completely trivial. We consume the resources of the earth, argue, bang our heads over it and deal intensively with some crazy banalities for „recreation“. We stage a cruel and infinitely stupid Punch and Judy show on planet Earth.

But where are the visions, utopias and positive designs for life on this planet? What are we doing for the Earth? We have to find our way back to our origins spiritually. And according to our origin we humans are – at least from an astrological point of view – creative beings who have to stand as mediators between heaven and earth.

I think the Italians are doing a great job. There are videos from Italy of people isolated in their homes standing on balconies and making music and singing songs together across the street. And there are certainly many other ways in which we can go back to our original nature.

Always just eating is okay for caterpillars.
But for future butterflies it is about something else!

So it’s about opening up to our creative possibilities inside and realizing those creative possibilities. And since humans are unique, creative beings and it is about realizing this creative inside, everybody has his own individual and unique ways to go. But for dealing with the astrological constellation Mercury-Saturn there are some general tips and recommendations. Let me make it clear in advance what it is NOT about:

It is NOT about asserting yourself! The rule of the game is NOT: „Whoever dies with the most toys, wins!“ Always just buying, fighting and eating is something for caterpillars and for caterpillars it is okay. But for future butterflies it is about something completely different. For future butterflies, it is about dissolving the caterpillar’s condition within us, and becoming so fluid and open in our thinking and in our mental state that something truly new can happen to us.

It is about NOT knowing and NOT about wanting, but becoming extraordinarily sensitive, sensitive and open for a new experience. Just like an artist who feels that a new work of art is in the making and now makes himself available with extreme sensitivity so that this work of art can be realized. So it is not about what we as artists want to „make“, but about what the work of art wants to become! It is a creative process and therefore first of all allowing things to happen. So it is about being open and letting new inner images emerge.

For example, we could ask ourselves: „What would be the most beautiful thing that could happen?“ And then we observe what inner images emerge in us as an answer to this question. And when a beautiful image appears in us, then we can feel how that image feels. And if it feels good, then in the next step we can simply pretend that this image has already become reality. That is absolutely right and justified! Because inside of us it has already become reality! And then we simply live naturally in a way that is appropriate to the reality of this picture and thus bring it into life.

In this sense, all the best to us all

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