My work as an astrologer

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My work as an astrologer is based upon more than 30 years of study and experience. To calculate a birth chart one needs the place, date and exact time of birth, preferably from a birth certificate. Otherwise a good reading is not possible. Some mothers remember the time of birth of their children very precisely, but most don’t. So an official information or a document like a birth certificate is better. If you are interested send me an email to to get more information.

About the style of my astrological readings

From 1980 on I studied different astrological systems and authors. 1995 I started my own research and discovered a method, which allows a deep insight into the structure and meaning of the astrological constellations, especially into their positive evolutionary potentials. My readings focus on these positive potentials and thus are solution oriented. Another aspect of my work is that I try to be as specific as possible, because we all are unique individuals. And since 2010 I was lucky enough to discover several astrological methods, which illuminate very specific aspects of the being and life of an individual in great detail. So there are many astrological tools now, which can be used to answer many different questions.

How I became an astrologer

I was born on the 7th of February 1957 at 18:18 MET in Tübingen in Germany. At first I studied photography and art in Stuttgart in Germany. Later I went to India to study meditation. After coming back to Germany after several eternities in India I found myself reading all the astrological books that I could find. In the beginning there was no conscious intention to become an astrologer at all, I was just interested. But people around me started to ask questions about their astrological charts. And they liked my interpretations and explanations. So I became an astrologer.

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