An astrological sketch of Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a young woman from Sweden, who works for the solution of the climate crisis and by now she has many followers all around the world, children, youths and adults, who work for the same goal. Here you will find the description of some of her astrological constellations. The technical explanations follow at the end of the text, marked by stars*

The basic potential and drive as well as the meaning of Greta for others are one and the same. She wants to save the human species. She does not work for her own goals, but for humanity as a whole.*1

Here thinking goes far beyond the limits of her own nation and takes life as whole into consideration, which then of course also includes her own existence. In her thinking Greta follows her own experience of reality, instead of adapting to the clichés of her surroundings*2

On that basis, Greta Thunberg is setting new standards through her attitude towards life and her personal behaviour.*3

This happens through a kind of communication, which focuses on the most essential and does without any superfluous words. She communicates what really is, even when this gets her in conflict with the ruling elites.*4

Great Thunberg acts as a planetary teacher, healer and agent of evolution, by creating a transformation of outdated values and orientations.*5

I feel very grateful to you dear Greta Thunberg
And I wish you All the Best and tons of happiness and good luck

With Love

*1Mars symbolizing the potential and Venus symbolizing the meaning are both in Scorpio, the sign of orientation and the survival of the species.
*2 Pluto the symbol of orientation and the survival of the species is in Sagittarius, the sign of far reaching intellectual and real complex relationships. Jupiter in Leo means that the worldview is oriented onto the support of everything that is alive.
*3 Sun in Capricorn either follows given standards or sets new ones.
*4 Saturn and Mercury rule each other and thus symbolize a form of very crystallized and economic form of communication. Neptune is in trine to the Moon Node and in a 135° angle to Saturn.
*5 Sun in conjunct with Chiron in the middle of Uranus and Venus.

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    1. Hi Kim, on the internet – Wikipedia – 3. January 2003 – but I do not know the time of her birth

      Have a wonderful day

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